Our Team

UNOW & Then brought together scholars and communicators trained in oral history, archival research, journalism, and digital humanities. Scholarly advisors and community partners guided the team’s work.


  • Matilda Luk (co-chair)
  • Jill Moraca (co-chair)
  • Richard Anderson
  • Edith Blackman
  • Erika Gilfether
  • Eleanor Hubbard
  • Esther Rose

Additional Contributors

  • Megan Armknecht
  • Sadie Henderson, Intern  - Center for Community-Based Learning
  • Jessie Bradley
  • Adele Goldberg
  • Levi Guerra
  • Carolyn Jones (past chair)
  • Jessica Mack
  • R. Isabela Morales
Austin Frakt and Ben Hohmuth

UNOW students, Austin Frakt and Ben Hohmuth, on a field trip circa 1975. (Photo: Anonymous)

UNOW & Then is partially funded by Princeton University’s Center for Digital Humanities. Our 2018 summer intern is supported by the Community-Based Learning Initiative at Princeton University.